This site is meant to document the history of Glitchedpuppet's abuse and their protection/enabling of abusers within their community. It is a collaborative effort between different parties who have been hurt by Glitchedpuppet over the last decade.

We are here to document Glip's behavior, and the real lives - animals and children included, they and those they surround themselves with have harmed over the years. It is not about the feral, cub or loli art they have produced over the years. The only mentions of the fictional pornographic pedophilia and zoophilia Glip has produced in their artwork is with regard to Glip's carelessness of introducing said content to the children in their communities. Regardless of your stance on the ethics of the production of said fictional pornographic content, it is relevant when someone who produces said content makes that content canonical or otherwise front-facing for their role-play groups full of children.

If you wish to get in contact with us to share your story - email us at [email protected] or send us a DM on twitter. We are not interested in speaking with anyone within GlitchedPuppet's inner-circle currently, but the offer is open to those otherwise in the Floraverse community who have a desire to leave.


"Unmasking the abuser also does them a favor, because they will not confront - and overcome - their highly destructive problem so long as they can remain hidden."

-Bancroft, L. (n.d.). Sometimes he seems to be really changing, but it tends to vanish. In Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men (p. 84)

We are not advocating and do not wish for harassment towards Glip or anyone within their community. Our aim is to warn others who may be interested in joining the Floraverse community of the danger that is involved in doing so, and to be a safe space for those hurt by Glip to freely and safely talk about what Glip and their community has done to them.

Thank you.

This site contains pornographic imagery that is extensively censored, and will link to relevant pornographic imagery with a stated NSFW warning.

Content warnings: Abuse, CSA, Zoophilia, Cults, Suicide, Pedophilia, Grooming

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